Our Story

Preparing for takeoff. A personal journey from doormat to (serial) entrepreneur.

Becky was born to a large family in Maine, but it wasn’t long before her family relocated to West Virginia, and later, Florida.

An active, outgoing child, her entrepreneurial spirit revealed itself early, but was tempered by low self-esteem as a result of un-diagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder. The little girl who, at the age of 5, went by herself through her neighborhood, collecting money door-to-door for UNICEF because she wanted to, had difficulty following in class and taking tests. She was assessed by her teachers with poor comprehension, and by that, Becky interpreted it as “you’re not smart enough.” For much of her life, she believed it. Yet it never kept her from working hard at 18. Becky married her first real boyfriend, and worked three jobs to help put him through school and earn his pilot’s license. Sixteen years later, without warning, he left her.

This “catastrophic event” marked a low point for the 34-year-old Becky, but it also began her ascent. Her latent entrepreneurship re-emerged, and while holding her job as a flight attendant, she took her real estate exams and founded a wildly successful brokerage in Florida.

More importantly, she began to chip away at her long-held belief that she wasn’t smart or capable enough. She attended workshops and seminars that launched her on an ontological journey of self-discovery that continues to this day. After the collapse of the housing market which brought her brokerage to a close, Becky began applying what she’d learned about herself to helping others as a life coach and motivational speaker.

It took time, and a whole lot of determination, but Becky has been able to tear down the beliefs that had kept her grounded. Now, this former flight attendant (she retired in 2016 after 30 years) is challenging women all over the world to embrace their inner “Sky Bitch,” and set themselves soaring in a world without limits.

Shortly after moving to Durango Colorado, Becky and her sister Sherry were in the kitchen baking cookies for the first time in high altitude. Frustrating to say the least. Being a serial entrepreneur giving up was not an option for Becky. Making several adjustments and a few batches later Becky produced a pretty incredible chocolate chip cookie. Out of the oven the cookie was really oooey gooey delicious, but the next day (for breakfast )Becky tried the cookie again and oo la la it was extraordinary. On the third day Becky and Sherry have no idea how it tasted because the cookie plate was empty. After a few minutes of blaming each other who took the last cookie, Becky decided to see if she could replicate what they had done the day before. And much to her amazement the cookies were just as incredible as the first batch. Becky looked at her sister and said "These cookies are B*tchin" and here we are SkyB*tch is now in the cookie business.